Friday, December 5, 2008

Kellie and Geoff's Wedding

As we waited for Kellie to arrive at the Merrigum Golf Club the sky opened up and it simply poured, but with the luck of the bride on her side the clouds parted at 3.30 as she arrived and she and Geoff were bathed in glorious sunshine during the remainder of the day! So, with the weather now on our side we had a great afternoon traipsing around the farm in our big group, trying to find spots to accommodate everyone. Luckily you were all fantastic to work with and made my job so much easier. Thanks to you all and especially Kellie and Geoff. Tam xx


iRis said...

Wow, those photos are fabulous!

Are they really your wedding photos or just works?

I've just read your profile and was able to see how much you love photography.

Keep going and letting people see your great works!

GC said...

Look great. Well done.