Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Little Sophie braved the cold and wet to have her photographs taken and for the most part she was very accommodating. We may have been pushing it just a leeeettlle to far when we tried to get some 'playing puddles shot.' Poor little Sophie took a tumble (she's only just learnt to walk) and ended up a bit cold and wet :( A quick costume change and a biscuit soon bought her smiles back though! Thanks Ange for bringing her to Echuca today.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Evie, Sam, Able, Bronwyn and Shaun

What a lovely was to welcome little Able in to the having a photoshoot with him. Bronwyn had a shoot with her other two at Able's age and now it was his turn. He was pretty accommodating...most of the time....once he had got rid of a few bodily of which was all over his Dad! ;) He really turned on the smiles though for his big sister Evie. Wanting to keep the look and feel similar to the earlier shoots we made this one an entirely (well almost entirely) black and white shoot and kept the look very clean and simple. Thanks Bronwyn for trusting me with such a precious time in your son's life.

and one little spot of colour......     : )

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paddy and Spencer

When Paddy and Spencer's Mum from Love Paper Scissors made me a gorgeous butterfly piece for Georgia's room I offered to return the favour by taking some photos of her boys in the beautiful Autumn light and leaves. The boys were only too happy to oblige with some very feisty leave fights and over zealous cuddles! They certainly kept me on their toes as I ran about after them trying to capture their antics on film. This was certainly a session I went in to with loads of ideas in mind but ended up being dictated by the whim of the boys....they are usually my favourites in the end though, with this one being no exception.

Once you've had a peek at the photos, why don't you pop over to and take a look at the beautiful work Chelsie creates. Perfect for so many occasions.

This is what the boys decided a kiss looked like!