Friday, December 17, 2010

Emma and her bump.

It was wonderful to photograph Emma again after having shot her wedding in 2009. Emma and Tristan already have 2 gorgeous children but number 3 was Emma's chance to get the belly shots she always wanted. With time running out as we are both so busy over the Christmas / New Years period and bub due to arrive early 2011, we had one afternoon only to get these shots done. Things weren't looking the best with the weather quite dull and only deteriorating as the wind whipped up and a huge rain storm came down on us. We found a little shelter though and Em was brave enough to continue. The skies began to clear and we got some gorgeous glimpses of sunshine between the clouds, although we were now plagued by mosquitoes! One last location saw the skies clear completely and we wrapped up our shoot of four seasons in one day! Thanks for allowing me to be the one to capture such a special time in your life Em. Cheers, Tam xxx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oliver and Noah

When I arrived to photograph Oliver and Noah I was greeted by one very giggly, happy bub and one very serious young man. While I did succeed in making the giggly bub cry by moving him when he was "comfortable thank you very much," (sorry!) I sadly didn't have much luck making the serious young man smile! Plus, I only made things worse by taking home my red wagon at the end of the shoot! I do think though we did manage to capture who these two gorgeous little fellows are, smiles or not. Alyce, you have a gorgeous family and it was son wonderful to see you so happy with your boys. Thanks for allowing me to photography them. Cheers, Tam xxx

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Tuohey Family

I'm shooting Sarah and Leslie's wedding in April so it was wonderful to get to know her and her family a little better by taking their family photographs. They are all such a great bunch that the shoot took no time at all. It was also fantastic to utilise the flooding Campaspe in the background of some photos, as it's really something we don't see that often. Thanks for getting me to take your family's photos, I really enjoyed getting to take some shoots of you and Leslie before the big day. Cheers, Tam xx

Saturday, December 11, 2010


A very serious little lady was my subject at this shoot. Ashyln just stared me down with those big eyes of hers and  that little furrowed brow. So, so sweet. Thanks Carri for entrusting me to capture her at this tiny stage. Cheers, Tam xx