Sunday, January 17, 2010

Melanie and Jamie's Wedding

It was an emotional start to the day with Jamie having organised a surprise bunch of flowers, balloons, love song and a letter for his bride to be. There wasn't a dry eye in the house! The weather then really cranked it up for Mel and Jamie's wedding, with the boys feeling the heat in their 3 piece suits. They were still up for anything though and everyone traipsed through the bush for photos. Although, it did look that poor Leah may have to get carried at one stage....sorry for making you walk so far in those amazing high heels. I was never at a loss for great photo ideas though, thanks to Trav, our ideas man! Melanie looked absolutely gorgeous, even literally stopping traffic at one stage! Thanks for a wonderful day. Cheers, Tam xx

Trav's Photo!


Leona Gibbs said...

Thanks for these photos, Jamie and Mel and their wedding party look beautiful and elegant. I love that the photos are so relaxed and show their personalities in every shot. Wonderful!
Leona Gibbs.

Anonymous said...

To Mel and Jamie.
Glad you only picked young players who didn't have a grudge against you weilding Tennis racquets as your guard of honour.

Great photos, sorry we couldn't be there for the wedding but our thoughts were with you.

All the best,
Denis and Marilyn McKeown