Sunday, November 28, 2010


Another one of my lovely wedding couples returned this week to have their little girl's first portraits taken. I really love being able to see what twists and turns life has taken for my brides and grooms after I leave them. I feel so honoured and lucky to spend one of the most wonderful days of their lives with them, and I just love to know what happens next! Andrea and Chris were married almost a year ago and now have a darling little 4 week old, Olivia. She wasn't too keen on my camera...again a bit like Dad....but once she settled in to the environment a little and with some comfort from Mum she drifted off to sleep and we were able to get some beautiful shots of her. I did try and push my luck though and rearrange her while she was sleeping....hmmmmm....Olivia, not so happy with that idea! Thank you so much Andrea and Chris for making the big trip up to see me and for allowing me to capture this fleeting moment in your little girl's life. Tam xxx

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I shot little Chloe's Mum and Dad's wedding two years ago now...although it seriously feels like it was only last week! Time is really flying! Chloe is so much like her Dad, although far more happy to have his photo taken than he was! She giggled, clapped and smiled her way through the entire shoot, making it one of the quickest and easiest one year old sessions I've ever done. Michelle thanks so much for bringing your darling little girl to me for her first portraits She really is a little doll. Cheers, Tam xxx

Monday, November 22, 2010

Brooke and Robert's Wedding

It was certainly a warm one for Brooke and Rob's wedding day. Brooke dressed to take on the weather conditions of the Scottish highlands and I can imagine she must have been feeling the heat a little....however she didn't let it show one little bit, unlike the lads who needed a few lessons in kilt etiquette and let's just leave it at that! It certainly made for lots of laughs though! I really can't just mention Brooke's dress in passing though as it certainly was a feature of the day. She wholeheartedly embraced Rob's Scottish background ordering her dress directly from Scotland. Rob then presented her with the family tartan during the ceremony. Their gorgeous children Shane and James were also welcomed by having their naming day included....although I don't think they were overly concerned, preferring to run, roll, wrestle and dive every which way when they were meant to be up the front with Mum and Dad! At least the little lads were wearing something under their kilts!! I am positive a very festive evening would have been had at the Leitchville Hall by all!! Thanks for allowing me to capture you special day for you. Cheers, Tam xx