Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Chase and his Mum and Dad came to stay with us over the Australia Day holiday. It was great opportunity to take my new chair for another spin with the morning sun behind him...just gorgeous. It was so wonderful to spend some time with you....it's not often enough.

It was this big....honest!!!

Dad, you're so funny...you should do stand-up! ;)

Karli and Jeremy's Wedding

When Karli and Jeremy began planning their perfect day I don't think they ever imagined there would a be a third little person along for the ride, but not long after planning began they found out they were pregnant. This certainly made Karli rethink her dress design!  Karli looked simply wonderful though and managed to not let the heat phase her one little bit....a mean feat for anyone, let along someone who's 35 weeks pregnant! It was such a perfect day under the trees at Moama on Murray for you both. I hope the next few weeks are smooth sailing, and I can't wait to hear of the news of bubs arrival! Thanks for a lovely day and for trusting me with your memories.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kate and Shaun's wedding

I was really looking forward to Kate and Shuan's big day. I'm a bit of a regular down at the Moama PO (read this as me being very unorganised and doing a trip there nearly everyday to post something instead of doing it all in one go), so tend to see quite a bit of them. I knew Kate would be a gorgeous bride as she somehow manages to rock even her work uniform, and I certainly wasn't wrong. My kids eagerly sat and watched their photos upload onto my computer (they love that Kate and Shaun never tell them off for touching all the books at the PO) and even Toby, who's 4 said,
"Mum, Kate's beautiful!" Seeing the "church dust" effect Shaun's eyes as Kate walked down the aisle towards him was another beautiful moment...but really, who could blame the guy. He even earned himself a new nickname on the day showing his love for Kate....but we won't go into that here! ;)  I had a wonderful day with you all, despite the heat. You all made it so easy and fun, especially the wonderful tips on camera use and posing...brilliant! Thank you both so much for entrusting this very special day with. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

Flowers: The Eternal Vase   Gown: Poppy's Bridal Courture  Hair and Make Up: Sublime  Cake: Tracy's Cakes   Reception: Morrisons' Winery  Wedding Day Co-ordinator: Echuca Wedding Planners