Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarah and Leslie's Wedding

It was wonderful to spend such an important day with Sarah and Leslie, after having gotten to know them and Sarah's family a little when I took their family photographs last year. There was one little family member who was new to me....little Lexie, who was very eager for photos with her Mummy complete with matching wedding veil! Two wives Leslie...Goodluck! ;) We were racing against the weather the entire day, and I'd like to think we won! We were able to capture some fantastic storm clouds before  the storm arrived and then were only bothered by a little light rain in the Port. Everyone was safe and sound at the reception when the real rain hit! I hope you both have a wonderful time on your honeymoon in Mexico! I'm not jealous at all.....not at all....Thank you all for a wonderful day. x

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Mel said...

Just Beautiful xox

Sarah, GORGEOUS honey xxo