Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holly, Luke and Maya

I got to spend a glorious afternoon with three gorgeous kids. I've taken photos of Holly and Luke before when their Aunty got married and now that Aunty has a beautiful little baby of her own! The two big kids clearly loved their new little cousin, although were a bit more hypo than little Maya. I can't believe how easily you got Maya to drift off to sleep, while in the nude and with her cousins running about everywhere! Holly and Luke had clearly been practising their modelling poses....although Luke became a little temperamental....perhaps he was channeling the behaviour of Prima donna models here too though! ;) We still got some very fun shots though in some very beautiful light. Thanks for asking me to be a part of capturing your life again Jacqui.

This was the look Holly said she uses to get her Dad to do whatever she wants him too!

Sometimes you just don't want to play the game anymore......

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