Monday, April 11, 2011

Natalie and Ben's Wedding

I headed over to Shepparton, with my brollies packed, in rather dubious conditions for the morning wedding of Natalie and Ben. Natalie and the girls were having a few early morning drinks to settle the nerves...the perfect brunch in my opinion! The wedding was being held at the beautiful Hurlston Gardens in Shepparton. Not having worked here before I was very excited when I jumped out of the car and had a look around....I was sooooo spoilt for choice! Natalie arrived as the dark clouds drew closer, however they remained at bay and the sun even managed to beam through just after the register was signed....a definite nod of approval from above I think! We managed to get through our entire shoot without any rain. I could have kept going for much longer but we were being stalked around the garden by the MC by then as it was time for the newlyweds to head inside for their reception. Thanks for a wonderful morning and for entrusting me with your special day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. x

The fruit of love.....

Bottle cap anyone? Hmmmm....looks like Natalie may have lost that round!

The girl had her hands full and still needed a drink?! What a helpful groomsman!!

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