Monday, January 25, 2010

Sean, Sam and Zack

I've been snapping these three fellows literally since they were born. I don't get home too often but when I do a shoot with my gorgeous nephews is often on the cards. Miss you guys and looking forward to getting back down again soon. Auntie Mara xxxxxx

Tracey and Lucas' Wedding

When I arrived to photograph Tracey, she was relaxed and calm and really looking forward to the day.....Lucas on the other hand was a different story! He was so nervous he didn't want to know me when I turned up at the service. However, that didn't take long to change once the formalities were out of the way. He warmed up in a big way and it became a task to keep the boys out of the photos if they weren't required! They kept coming up with bigger and better ideas....culminating in the "bare" paddock shot....which I've kept off the blog! The girls weren't to be out done though, looking amazing all day and really turning it on for the camera. It really makes my job so much for fun and easy! Thanks. Tam xx

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Melanie and Jamie's Wedding

It was an emotional start to the day with Jamie having organised a surprise bunch of flowers, balloons, love song and a letter for his bride to be. There wasn't a dry eye in the house! The weather then really cranked it up for Mel and Jamie's wedding, with the boys feeling the heat in their 3 piece suits. They were still up for anything though and everyone traipsed through the bush for photos. Although, it did look that poor Leah may have to get carried at one stage....sorry for making you walk so far in those amazing high heels. I was never at a loss for great photo ideas though, thanks to Trav, our ideas man! Melanie looked absolutely gorgeous, even literally stopping traffic at one stage! Thanks for a wonderful day. Cheers, Tam xx

Trav's Photo!