Sunday, February 28, 2010

Becca and Paul's Wedding

Becca told me that she had considered getting married in Warrnambool but thought the weather was far too unpredictable....little was she to know that Echuca was about to have some huge thunderstorms right on her wedding day! Becca and Paul didn't let the weather get in the way of a great time though. They happily posed under the umbrella while I tried to get the elusive lightning in the background hindsight probably not the best thing to be holding while in a lightning storm! Although, I did start to wonder at times if I was going to get enough shots as the pair of them really like to talk...a lot! Their sense of fun and excitement shone through though and really shows in their photos. Thanks for asking me to capture your day Becca and Paul. Tam xx

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Karli and Russ' Wedding

Fun and laughter really spring to mind when thinking about Karli and Russ' wedding it does with many weddings, however still having fun and still laughing after falling out a barn door into the dirt doesn't usually happen that often! Poor Karli tripped on her dress and fell but she just jumped up and kept laughing....actually, I don't think she stopped all day. Karlie and Russ' sense of fun really was infectious though, with everyone in the mood for a great day. Karli and Russ got married and had a party at their home complete with table tennis, billiards, totem tennis and more all set up in the garden for everyone to enjoy. What a wonderful day, with wonderful locations to shoot in. Thanks Karli and Russ. Tam xx

Monday, February 8, 2010

Natasha and Christian's Wedding

It was a very early start on Saturday morning as I was heading to Melbourne for the day to shoot Natasha and Christian's wedding. It was all so worth it though to work with such a gorgeous couple. The wind did pay havoc at Docklands, with Natasha's veil being whipped from her head and sent swirling away. Thanks to Michelle for chasing it down! We then headed into the city for lots more shots, waiting our turn at quite a few locations as it seemed to be the day to get married in Melbourne. Who would have thought that that many girls would want their photos taken outside Chanel! Natasha looked gorgeous though twirling about in her magnificent dress. I must also say a huge Thank You to Michelle Howard (Michelle Carlin Photography) for coming with me as I am hopeless at driving in Melbourne! I couldn't have done this one without her. Thanks Natasha and Christian for asking me to capture your special day. Tam xx