Monday, May 9, 2011

Kellie and Chris' Wedding

Kellie and Chris had planned their whole day in Bendigo from their home in Townsville and did a wonderful job....although the weather conditions may have been a little chillier than what they are accustomed too. Kellie looked so amazing in her light, strapless gown but had to constantly reassure people that, "No," she wasn't cold! Must have been running off the adrenalin of love!!! I also discovered during the shoot that Kellie's Mum isn't a huge fan of the kissing shot (which is fair enough, they aren't everyone's cup of tea), so we had fun doing "one for Diane" every now and then ;) I must also say a big thank you to Jo McMaster of JRP Photography for coming along and being my assistant for the day and to Cindy Power of Cindy Power Photography for telling me about and directing me too some wonderful places to shoot in Bendigo. Thanks girls, I really appreciate the help. Thanks Kellie and Chris for finding me in a magazine and believing in what you saw. I wish you a wonderful life together. Finally it must be noted that Kellie was a little bit apprehensive about being "blogged." I'm not sure why this was as she looked just gorgeous, but here goes....a blog without a bride.....

The surprise car that Kellie had organised to pick Chris up and take him to the church! Very cool!

Who am I kidding....I can't blog without the centre piece!!! You didn't really think I'd do it did you?

One for Diane! ;)

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