Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Toby and babies

I'm going to indulge myself with this post of my kids, so I will apologise in advance.... It's not too often I actually get any photos of my kids wanted to cooperate so I took the most of this opportunity and ran with it! Toby is particularly willing now that he "charges" 50 cents a photo shoot!! (Although this one ended up costing me 4 coins!) The light was just so beautiful that it was in great hast I decided to do this much so that in my rush to get some clothes on the kids I accidentally gave Toby one of Georgia's singlets!! Poor fellow...his little tummy was just hanging out! It's so clear that his Mum is a photographer though when he was running towards the sun yelling, "The light Mum, the light....we're going to miss it!!!"

Until next time......See you later!

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