Sunday, January 15, 2012

Renee and Dale's Wedding

It was a gorgeous day in Barham for Renee and Dale's wedding, which was perfect as they drove about town with the top down on Dale's hot rod. This was a bit of a bone of contention however with all in the bridal party as everyone wanted to sit in the back of the convertible and not in the covered in one! Both were amazing cars though. Renee and Dale were attended by their nieces and nephews, and I've never witnessed such a wonderfully behaved group of kids! There was always someone on hand to hold flowers or drinks, fetch things that were needed and carry Renee's train. I don't think her dress touched the ground all day, unless it was for a photograph! I think the girls should hire themselves out as professional flower girls!! I was also privileged to see a very touching moment. As Renee came down the aisle to a beautiful rendition of  'Songbird,' (one of my all time favourites), it was Dale who had to wipe away the tears. :) All the best for you future together Renee and Dale, I am sure it will be nothing short of spectacular.

The littlest flowergirl didn't quite make the distance :)

Best little dress carriers ever!

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