Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thomas and Tyler

I've known these two gorgeous fellows since they've been born, although I don't see near enough of them, or their parents now that we have shifted to Moama. It was great to have them over for a bbq and to try and take a few snaps in between chatting and playing in the cubby! I was so excited to be using the chair that I was surprised with at Christmas time. I just LOVE it. I can't say the same for Tyler though...he was far less impressed!

Bribed on to the chair with lollies....this was the "Ummm....where are my lollies gone?" look. Which was followed by a swift exit from the chair when there was no more lollies forthcoming!

This was literally the ONLY photo I could get of the two of them together where Tyler wasn't crying and trying to escape!! Poor Thomas, he just kept smiling!!

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