Monday, March 29, 2010

Shannyn and Shamus' Wedding

I've known Shannyn since she was born as she grew up on the farm next to I can't quite believe she's now a married woman. Shannyn was the cute little girl next door who I used to babysit....who used to drive me crazy....and whom I used in numerous photography assignments in Year 9 when I was first learning. Now here she is all grown up and a bride....a very emotional bride I must add as she surprised as all by turning to water as she pulled up in her Limo to meet and marry Shamus on the Rothbury Paddlesteamer. A wonderful day followed with lots of laughter from Shannyn....and although I couldn't quite manage to coax a smile from Shamus I know he was smiling on the inside and completely in love with his new wife! Thanks for asking me to capture y our day for you Shannyn and Shamus. Tam xx

PS The day also ran very smoothly thanks to a certain "Maidzilla!" Thanks one was going to see this bride before they were meant to!!

I think that may be a smile!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brooke and Adam's Wedding

Another gorgeous day in Echuca for the wedding of Brooke and Adam. The day began with Brooke getting ready.....and everyone else constantly breaking into tears every time they looked at her....which was understandable as she did look stunning! It was then on to Morrison's Winery with arriving in style the order of the day, with the boys arriving by speed boat and the girls in one of Billabong Ranches beautiful horse drawn carriages. Once on the photoshoot, drinks were running low so the drive through needed to be the horse drawn carriage! A fun time with plenty of laughs followed as everyone tried to out pose each other. Thanks for a great day Brooke and Adam and allowing me to capture it for you. Tam xx