Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charlie and Emma

Charlie turned up at my place, keen as mustard, with a footy tucked under his arm. I love footy, so thought we'd hit it off well, until I asked him what team he played for. "The Pies!" was his answer. "Oh no!" I said. "What about the Cats?" "Nup...Pies." Hmmm....this may not go so well! lol ;) We had a great time setting up Tamara's gorgeous chair out in the grass. This is the chair I so want for myself and have been dropping hints FOREVER...but to no avail. (This will test whether or not hubby actually reads my blog posts!) Charlie ran and played footy with his Dad, while Emma posed so prettily and happily through apples all about the place! Note to self: Although apples look great, every kid just wants to eat them and then ends up either chewing or with a big red apple in front of their face! What a fun shoot!

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GC said...

Sorry no room for the chair!