Monday, September 19, 2011

Riley and Gemma

I met Riley and Gemma's Mum at a Little Birdy Market in Echuca and I'm so glad that I did. We got chatting (which I tend to do a lot of at markets) and she browsed through my work and shortly after I got a lovely phone call and she booked a photo shoot as a present for her birthday. She emailed leading up to the day and asked would it be ok if they bought along a vintage, red pedal wagon that used to be the kid's Dads when he was a tacker. Ok?! Of course it was Ok!! I love things like that, and they were lucky I didn't try and steal it! It was only the fact that it was too heavy for me to lift that stopped me! We all had a ball, running through the weeds (don't they look pretty though), on the block and  hiding in the long grass. Little Gemma certainly kept me on my toes though as I don't think she stopped moving for more than a nano second! be two again and full of boundless energy! :)

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