Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nicole and Stuart's Wedding

What a laugh we had shooting Nicole and Stuart's wedding day! It was hard to keep this lot serious for one moment, and I had to pull out my school teacher voice a few times to keep the boys on the job or we would have been shooting till midnight! It was also a task to keep Stuart off Nicole at times....I don't think I've ever seen a groom quite so besotted with his beautiful bride before!! Little Georgina and Mitchell only added to the fun and were a dream to work with. Thanks for a great day...It was a hoot! Tam xx

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Archie and Charlotte

It was two very brave little people that ventured down to the river to have their photos taken, as it was a shocking day...especially for the end of December. But, they didn't let that deter them one bit as they played and posed. Charlotte didn't even complain when, sent to stand by an old door I looked down and noticed she was knee deep in stinging nettles! It was only when I asked was she stinging that I got a very panicky "Yes!" Needless to say, that spot was abandoned! You have two great kids Kristen, thanks for asking me to photograph them. Tam xx

Trash the Dress with Cath

It was so much fun shooting Cath for a Trash the Dress session...although we didn't really "Trash the Dress" at all! It was more a day that allowed Cath to get some shots that were just not possible on her wedding day due to too much wind and rain. So, we headed to the shearing sheds and the paddocks of the farm that Cath had grown up on and loved as a girl. And although her wedding was quite a few years ago she certainly looked just as gorgeous as she did on her wedding day. Thanks Cath for asking me to photograph you. Tam xx