Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After shooting little Georgie on Sunday I've decided that all Georgie's must be ridiculously cute! ;) She was such a little sweety. She definitely kept me on my toes though and she just wanted to be right up in camera lens the whole time!! I loved her little jacket too that her clever Mum had made for her. It looked so beautiful in the pictures. I loved playing around with these images...especially now I have a little more time with wedding season over for a few months. Thanks Anthea for asking me to capture this moment in her life.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rachel and Tim's Wedding

My 2010/11 wedding season drew to a close with Rachel and Tim's wedding and it was certainly a great one to finish up with! The girl's were so much fun to photograph getting ready....(excuse me while I laugh.... too funny Elise!) and the chemistry between Rachel and Tim was amazing to watch. I really didn't have to work at all, as they both simply fell in to poses together....perfect for me and my camera! The kiss they shared once announced husband and wife was also something to behold...eventually being censored by the groom's hand! The chemistry didn't just stop with the couple though, as it was so clear that the whole bridal party were such great friends who loved being around each and other and were just all so very, very happy for Rachel and Tim and their love.  I must also make mention of the wonderful soup...a perfect way to finish up a cold Autumn evening in the Apple Orchard. I wish you both a wonderful life together, filled with much love, laughter and happiness. Thank you for asking me to capture your day for you.
PS Who won the footy the night before boys? Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'd been waiting for our good friends Sarah and Ryan to have their little bundle so I could take some pics of the new arrival...and have some cuddles. Around the same time as Sarah was due my son was bugging me for a new cat and I eventually caved. We got our kitten on the Monday and named her Molly. We then got the wonderful news that Sarah and Ryan's baby had arrived the next day....also called Mollie!! When I arrived to take her photos she was only 8 days old and had just woken from a big sleep, so really wasn't interested in settling back down for another one so in most of her pics she was wide awake and happily jerking her little arms about...so cute, but tricky to capture! Finally she had a little nap and we snapped a few. She is just perfect Sarah and Ryan and I'm looking forward to watching her grow up. xx
PS She may be a little lady but she certainly has one trait in common with her Dad....