Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tara and Ben's wedding

Ok, so I'll start with the was HOT! Isn't it funny when it's hot that everyone feels the need to tell you how hot it you don't already realise?! It just seems to make it worse, so we tried to not mention the conditions. Down in the billabong of Morrison's Winery however we were kept nice and shaded for the ceremony and decided to stay there to take all of the photos too. Turns out that Tara and I both love little details and shopping on etsy so our ideas and styled meshed very well together. I loved all of the gorgeous details they had thought of, and especially loved the inspirational love quotes that were  dotted about the area.:) I'm sure Ben thought I had snuck down there earlier and put log piles and broken branches in perfect photos spots, as they were all right there when we needed them, but I guess I've been at Morrison's a bit this year so it makes it a little easier, especially when we want to get finished up and into the air conditioning! Thank you so much for letting me have 'free reign' and completely trusting me with whatever would work best on your day. You were all great fun to work with, and boys, I hope my suggestion of where to go after the wedding paid off! ;) All the best Tara, Ben, Darcy and Lila on a wonderful, wonderful future together.

Ceremony and Reception: Morrison's Winery   Celebrant: Jennifar Wheelan   Hair and Make up: Sally Williams  Flowers (Bouquets and Reception): Wallingford Flowers


Friday, February 24, 2012


I was so excited to meet Leonie and Craig's newest addition, Ged. Although I did have to sneak out of the house and not tell my two where I was off to or they would have wanted to come along and play with Ged's older brothers...something they ended up doing the next day anyway as Ged didn't really want to remain asleep for his photoshoot so we had to have a 2nd go! Leonie assured me he loved his sleep...however it turns out he loves being awake whilst his photograph is being taken even more!! On the plus side he wore himself out so much he did sleep very well after both sessions!! He also game me a wonderful excuse to dodge the middle section of boot camp with Craig as he feel asleep and I had to rush inside and try and get a few more snaps. Thanks Ged! ;) Hopefully I will get a chance to spend a little more time with this gorgeous fellow in the near future.

Stop all the racket, I'm trying to sleep!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kat and Richards's Wedding

I felt quite honoured when Kat and Dick wanted me to travel all the way up to Yass to photograph their wedding...and I was super excited about the Trash the Dress session they wanted to do the day after. Horse riding and swimming in the river (in your wedding gear mind you) aren't really things you want to be doing on you big day! I knew Kat was going to make a stunning bride, and I certainly wasn't wrong! She looked so amazing, and sizzled in the water shots the next day!! The day turned out to be a lot warmer than forecast which saw people rushing for the shade...but Kat and Dick were such troopers, even when I asked them to traipse to the top of a hill for photos. We were soon back into the shade of the gorgeous Crisp Gallery gardens though to finish up, and once everyone had a drink in hand and was happy partying in the stretch Hummer, I think the heat was forgotten. I loved the shoot we did the next morning with the horses, their dog Nissan and the river. It really captured so much of who Kat and Dick are as a couple and allowed the to relax and have fun. Although, the river was a little dirtier than we had imagined it was going to be!!! Thanks again for trusting me with your big day and for asking me to photograph it for you. Thanks also my friend Laura for coming with me for the trip. x

Such a delicate way to place one's new wife into the water!!!