Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cohuna Rock Eisteddfod "Feral Future"

Those of you who knew me in my previous life as an Art/Graphics Teacher will know that I was Rock Eisteddfod mad! Loved performing in them as a student and loved being involved as a teacher. This was the first "Rocka" my old school had staged since I left to have my family and I was itching to get back and see it.....and I certainly wasn't disappointed (although slightly gutted that they had cut up some of the costumes I had so painstakingly silk painted a few years back!!). The show was a credit to the student leaders, student choreographers, dancers, backstage crew and all adults (both teaching and parent/guardians) involved. You will ROCK on Friday night at the heats and I have my fingers crossed for you all to make it to finals! I also couldn't resist taking my camera along and snapping away as I didn't used to have the time. Here's a sneak at a few pics and I'll forward the rest along to the school ASAP, where I hope the money you raise by selling discs will help out a little towards your expenses. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for a great show.....just wish I could be part of it all again. Tam xx

LOVED the fox tails!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mary and Craig's Wedding

It was a cold, Winter's day that Mary and Craig chose for their wedding, but they didn't let that bother them at all....although the Bridesmaids may have been slightly frozen solid! We flew about town trying to chase the light and lose the weather, only getting caught out once in a big shower, but it was nothing an umbrella couldn't hold off. Out at the grapevines there was cause for distress over the state of Mary's beautiful Alan Pinkus shoes, but she soldiered on anyway! All in all it was a great day, with a fun group of people. I am sure you are all having a wonderful time together in the jealous! Thanks Mary and Craig. Tam xx Oh so beautifully modest for one so young!!! Just adorable.