Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kristielle and Shaun's Wedding

After a very dramatic week of flooding in Echuca and vast areas of country Victoria, the day was hot and bright, with not a cloud in the sky for Kristielle and Shaun's wedding. After a few early hiccups with wedding venues (the pair were star's in the Herald Sun...and will probably kill me for putting this in but, it's all a bit of fun! ) the day at Perricoota Vines went off without a hitch. With a very bright, sunny day predicted we lined up a wonderful location to shoot out of the glare and the hot sun. After my severe blonde moment (and I'm so not blonde!) with the gates we all had a great time on the shoot. It was wonderful to work with such a large bridal party where everyone was relaxed, easy going and most importantly there for Kristielle and Shaun 100%. One shot was the brain child of Shaun's brother Kelvin and is one of my favourites so a big "thank you" to you Kelvin! We wrapped up with the boys 'taking a ride in the tinny' and then headed back in to Echuca for the reception at Radcliffe's. What a wonderful day. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. Cheers, Tam xxx

Dress: Deblu's Echuca Hair and Make up: Sublime Ceremony: Perricoota Vines Retreat  Reception: Radcliffe's Restaurant

Thanks for the inspiration here Kelvin!

Where's all the rain that caused those floods? PS You guys rock the sad face!!!


Kristielle said...

Firstly Tam, can I mention yet again, that you were AWESOME!!! So much fun to work with, albeit the teasing of the fact I had no voice, hahaha!!

LOVE the pics of the boys with the parasoles!

By the way... it was January 22nd, haha! X

Tamara Cadd said...

Oh no Kristielle, you've left yourself open for more teasing! That date comes up on the day that I post the blog. It's not the date of the event!! D'oh! ;)

That almost matches my blonde moment trying to get in at the woolshed! xx