Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zarli and Savannah

It was two years ago that I photographed Kate and Abe's wedding, and little Zarli was just a bump on Kate's tummy. Now here she is, along with another gorgeous little girl, Savannah. It is always so much fun to catch up with my past wedding couples to see how their lives have been progressing and their families growing. I always feel like I spend such a wonderful, personal day with them that I really do love to know what happens next in their 'Happily Ever After.' Zarli was such a little live wire, but so loving and friendly too. She was up for cuddles straight away and so happy to share her cheeky smile with the camera. She really lit up when the red cart came out...I think it's a no brainer what to get her for Christmas. She took off with it down the steep track with not an ounce of fear in her! She even lifted and carried it when it got stuck in sand!! Savannah was content to watch from Mum's arms and enjoy a quiet feed in the bush between photos while Daddy and Zarli played....beautiful.


kate boslem said...

They are beautiful love them thanks heaps

Anonymous said...

Grandma loves them ALL!!