Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amy and Sunu's Wedding

Amy warned me right off the bat that Sunu was shy, so I was prepared to cajole and coax him along all day in the photos. However, it didn't take to long to figure out that the shyness stopped the moment a camera was around! The boy LOVES it!!! We were given pose after pose of hilarious male modelling! It was actually trickier getting him to calm down in front of the camera than connect with it! Thank you so much Amy and Sunu for a wonderful day filled with much laughter. You two are just perfect for each other and I hope the future now that you are husband and wife is all smooth sailing after the waiting, waiting, waiting you had to do to get to this day. I must also apologise for my constant phone checking to get the footy score updates! (Go Cats!! In to another Granny!!) That aside though, here's to your future Mr and Mrs Masunu!

lol, had to put this one in! Casey was so keen to do this shot! Thanks for the excellent tree shaking!!

Sunu working that male model pose!

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