Thursday, June 21, 2012

Imogen and Bailee

I had the most wonderful afternoon yesterday with these two gorgeous girls. Wonderful because they were so cute and wonderful because it wasn't today....which has NOT stopped raining! I had new props. to play with and little Imogen and Bailee were both so obliging....although Imogen did become very attached to the fake mo! My Georgia is now very miffed that another little girl got to use "her" crown first! Love the pink chair too that I happened to spy in the back room of the hairdressers and was so kindly lent for this shoot! Thank you so much Kirsty for bringing the girls on the long trip to see me and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with you all on your big day in October.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blaire-Maree, Addy, Bodhi and Tommy

In the midst of some fairly bleak Winter weather we were blessed with a glorious afternoon for these family a gorgeous family to go with it! What more could I ask for?! I wasn't able to coax many  smiles....although the apples did go down a treat, and I did find the one thing that made Bodhi laugh and smile for me was yelling, "Go Pies!" Oh dear.....haha! Thank you for asking me to photograph your family Blaire-Maree. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This was one little fellow whom both myself and my son were eagerly awaiting the arrival of. Little Zach is the son of Toby's very beloved preschool teacher, Adele and it was his idea as soon as we knew that she was pregnant that maybe Mummy could do some photos of the new baby for her. Of course! How could I say no to that little request. Adele has done so much in making Toby's time at Preschool a wonderful one it was the very least we could do. Congratulations Adele on you new little arrival. Zach is just perfect. I hope you enjoy every moment.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maria and Georg's wedding

It was such an honour to photograph the beautiful Austrian wedding of Maria Reiner and Georg Von Trapp last week....although I must admit I was quite surprised at his choice of bride as when we had initially meet to discuss this special day I meet with The Captain and a rather stunning and witty Viennese Baroness by the name of Elsa Schraeder....but, I guess that was not meant to be. Being thrifty and time poor he chose to keep the date and the booking, but substituted the bride.  The bride was dressed by her formers Sisters, the nuns of Nonberg Abbey and was accompanied by Georg's eldest daughter, Leisel. She was given a blessing by the Mother Abess and then given away by Georg's eldest son, Friedrich. The nuns of Nonberg Abbey provided beautiful backing music to the ceremony....although it may not have been the best idea to remind her husband to be that Maria is a problem that they were unsure of how to solve! I would have liked to have taken some shots of the happy couple after the ceremony, however they had a pressing concert to prepare for and Nazi's to flee over the mountains from so I thought I'd let them be. Thank you both for trusting me capture this very special day in your lives and I wish you and your seven children all the happiness in the world together, and best of luck with the arduous journey ahead of you.

If you would like a chance to witness this auspicious occasion for yourself they will be repeating the ceremony only 4 more times at the Echuca Paramount in June: Thursday 7th 7.30, Friday 8th 7.30, Saturday 9th 1.30 and 7.30. Call 54823399 for tickets. Book early though as some shows did sell out last week.