Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I meet gorgeous little Imogen's parents when  I photographed their wedding early last year. Even though this is my busiest time of the year I always find time to photograph the bubs of my past bridal couples. I feel so honoured to be a tiny part of the next step in their lives, and little babies do not stay this tiny for very long at all. Little Imogen was asleep when I first arrived and we were quickly able to take some very cute shots of her sleeping soundly. However, once I tried to move her she woke.....and that was it! No more sleeping for Imogen....even when I came back a second time to try again. She was still very cute though, giving me a variety of little diva like poses to work with! Thanks Anita and Tim for trusting me with this time in your daughter's life. I can't wait to see what the future hold for her.

Aleesha and Michael's wedding

It was looking very ominous for Aleesha and Michael's outdoor wedding at the beautiful Paradise Gardens. Rain showers, thunder and dark, dark clouds were all about, however as soon as 3pm arrived we were blessed with a break in the weather and only had to contend with a few light showers...nothing a few big umbrellas couldn't combat. Thank you all for being so accommodating too when I randomly pulled over on the side of the road as the lighting, storm clouds, and long grass were all just too perfect to pass by! I think it was worth the stop as you both look fantastic! I hope you're enjoying your time away and not having to put up with too many 'schoolies!'

Monday, November 21, 2011

Carmen and Stacey's Wedding

Carmen and Stacey had organised some fantastic locations for their wedding photos...however, they forgot to organise the weather for the day! ;) The rain meant that the fantastic farm and crop locations were very muddy....but they both kept insisting they didn't care, so onwards we went! Totally fine with me, but I'm not sure Carmen's dress, veil and shoes would agree....all got muddy! :( Everybody had about 10cm added to their heights with the build up of mud on their shoes!! Oh well, it was all for a good shot!! Thank you Carmen and Stacey for your forward planning with the photos, wonderful easy going natures and your "whatever will be will be" attitudes! This all made the day a great one despite the weather. Thanks so much for asking me to photograph your day for you.