Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I feel like we have been waiting forever for little Harrison to arrive, and it's so exciting to finally have him here! Harrison's family are great friends of ours and his big brother is Toby's very bestest, cool friend (his words) in the whole world! Unfortunately this has lead to Toby wanting a baby of his own. He has even taking to spying on hubby and I from the top of the stairs, announcing with glee when he saw us on the couch together cuddling the cat, "How exciting Georgie, they're having a baby!!!" Oh dear! Thanks Bec, see what you've done?! Your little Harrison is absolutely perfect though and I can't wait for lots more cuddles (from which I can happily pass him back) at Mum's Group. Here's to baby Number 3 being that perfect night sleeper you have been yearning for. xxxx

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