Monday, February 21, 2011

Sheree and Nathan's Wedding

Ok, so I must admit I became pretty nervous when one of the first things Sheree said to me on her wedding day was that she hates having her photo taken! Hmmmm....this was going to be a tough one...I can't really avoid taking photos of the bride! So, it was all hands, or should I say crazy laughter, on deck to make Sheree laugh her way through the days photos. I'm really not sure why she hates it that much though, because as you can see she is stunning. We headed in to town for some photos in the Port with Sheree and Nathan received a wonderful round of applause from the large crowd gathered to watch the Jazz that was around town for the weekend. A wonderful reception then followed where I managed to get a crazy tradition from my husbands' days at Ballarat Uni continued by Nathan and the boys...."Doin' the Eagle Rock!" Well done, you made my night! Thanks also to Zowie who came along with me and was invaluable with her help through out the day. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Flowers: Lyn's Florist   Service: Paradise Gardens   Reception: Rich River Golf Club Music: Cloud Nine

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Sheree Zeinert said...

Amazing Day Tamara!! you made my day so much esiser then i nthought it would be. I cannott thank you enough!!!