Sunday, February 28, 2010

Becca and Paul's Wedding

Becca told me that she had considered getting married in Warrnambool but thought the weather was far too unpredictable....little was she to know that Echuca was about to have some huge thunderstorms right on her wedding day! Becca and Paul didn't let the weather get in the way of a great time though. They happily posed under the umbrella while I tried to get the elusive lightning in the background hindsight probably not the best thing to be holding while in a lightning storm! Although, I did start to wonder at times if I was going to get enough shots as the pair of them really like to talk...a lot! Their sense of fun and excitement shone through though and really shows in their photos. Thanks for asking me to capture your day Becca and Paul. Tam xx


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo's love them.
Paul even looks ok!!!

Anonymous said...

Very gorgeous, thanks for sharing - N : )