Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anna and Ben's Wedding

I was a bit nervous after looking at the weather forecast for the day of Anna and Ben's wedding, but when I arrived to photograph Anna getting ready it looked like it was going to be a great day. There was a fantastic light cloud cover and it was quite warm. The weather held perfectly for the ceremony on Ben's lovingly cultivated rectangle of lush, green lawn down by the creek at the Violet Town property. The sky began to darken as we started taking photos, but that only added to things as it looked fantastic....complementing the gorgeous Anna perfectly. Anna was so stunning in her simple, elegant, slim fitting gown....looking rather different to her usual attire of green overalls she wears as a Vet. We finished off the shots at the farm and jumped into the cars to go to the reception when the storm hit! Thunder, lightning, torrential rain....the lot! We attempted some shots at the front gates of the property in the pelting rain and howling wind but abandoned the idea when Ben was drenched and Anna's veil was ripped from her head! Despite the turn in the weather as we finished up it was still a fantastic day and a great wedding to, happy and full of my expense I must add...thanks Ben! Thanks for asking me to capture it for you. Tam xx
PS I hope you had a Happy Birthday Toni!

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