Monday, March 29, 2010

Shannyn and Shamus' Wedding

I've known Shannyn since she was born as she grew up on the farm next to I can't quite believe she's now a married woman. Shannyn was the cute little girl next door who I used to babysit....who used to drive me crazy....and whom I used in numerous photography assignments in Year 9 when I was first learning. Now here she is all grown up and a bride....a very emotional bride I must add as she surprised as all by turning to water as she pulled up in her Limo to meet and marry Shamus on the Rothbury Paddlesteamer. A wonderful day followed with lots of laughter from Shannyn....and although I couldn't quite manage to coax a smile from Shamus I know he was smiling on the inside and completely in love with his new wife! Thanks for asking me to capture y our day for you Shannyn and Shamus. Tam xx

PS The day also ran very smoothly thanks to a certain "Maidzilla!" Thanks one was going to see this bride before they were meant to!!

I think that may be a smile!

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