Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tamara and David's Wedding

When we first began talking on the phone, Tamara and I had a few giggles over our name's being the same as it's really not the most common name around...however things really got weird when I found out her fiance's name was David, which is also the name of my brother! I certainly wasn't going to forget these names in a hurry (not that I ever would!) Their day was an absolutley perfect skies, warm weather and a small gathering of very dear family and friends. I was in my element too as their venue, Bright on the Murray, had so many wonderful locations for us to work in.....Not to mention some fantastic old wooden chairs that I made the boys carry out into the paddock for me. After a few attempts (wrong chair, wrong sized chair...) they got it right! Thanks boys, hope it wasn't too heavy! ;) Thanks for a great day Tamara and David and here's to your future together. I am sure it will be full of fun, love and laughter.

Venue: Bright on the Murray     Flowers: Flowers by Vair 54807609     Gown: Bridal Classics     Cake: Sweet Sistas 0417058675

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