Monday, November 1, 2010

Tracie and Sandy's Wedding

The day did not looking promising, with rain showers coming through quite frequently and threatening to ruin the garden wedding that Tracie and Sandy had dreamt of. However as 3.30pm approached the rain eased and we didn't see it again until a light shower around 6.00pm when guests were already comfortably sheltered inside Sandy's shearing shed come reception venue. The ceremony between the couple featured a  presentation of necklaces from Sandy to Tracie's three children, now all part of the one big family. If Tracie and Sandy ever decide they would like a career change I think they should seriously consider wedding venue design. The attention to detail and care that they both put in to turning Sandy's Shearing Shed in to a simply gorgeous reception venue (not to mention stunning photo shoot location), was simply amazing! Not a thing was left unthought of and the end result was one of the most beautiful reception venues I have seen. The boys had even thought to lay a path of hay from the garden to the shed as the ground was very muddy underfoot. Tracie also turned her hand to flower arranging by creating her own bouquets from blooms in her garden and baking by producing her own wedding cake! Thank you to you both for choosing me to photography your wedding, I think you know I loved every moment of it. Cheers, Tam xxx

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