Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vince and Sarah's Wedding

Everybody certainly braved the elements to celebrate Vince and Sarah's big day as they had chosen the 2nd shortest day of the year to get married on! They definitely knew how to leave an impression though as they made a get away (albeit rather slowly!) from the church in a John Deere tractor. During the photoshoot we dashed in and out of cover from the rain that just would not quit, so eventually a day was called and everyone headed to the pub for a well earned drink before the reception. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your fun day Sarah and Vince. Tam xx

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Libby said...

Hey Tam, Libby here - that annoying videographer that was also at Vince & Sarah's wedding :-) I've been watching your blog waiting for some pics and they're great! In particular I love the one of Vince fiddling with his ring and of the two of them infront of the rotunda under the umbrella - classic. Eventually I'll get some video on my blog so you'll have to check it out. Hope your minibreak went well! Lib