Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sophie and Malcolm's Wedding

Well, another of my wonderful ex-students getting married and making me feel incredibly ancient, but super happy all at the same time. Of course that also certainly means I will cry....which of course I did! Sophie, you really have found a fantastic guy in Malcolm. The way he feels about you and the way the two of you connect is written all over your faces and just magic to watch. I really had fun shooting your day....even if you did have the worst "photo kiss" will both need to practice that at home! ;) Gee, now I feel like I am writing a school report...."Sophie and Malcolm were a wonderful couple to work with but would improve by working on their photo kiss technique" hahaha :) I had a lot of fun asking you all to do crazy things, and you simply did it...right down to riding old pedal bikes and scooters down the road! Although it did mean that the "serious" shots are few and far between! I wasn't quite as impressed with the hassling I got from every one when I was shooting through the windows of the spooky, old, empty house. It's so not funny to make comments about what is behind me when I'm concentrating on a shot. Thanks Sophie and Malcolm and your wonderful bridal party for a great day, your enthusiasm made me almost forget how cold it was....almost.....or was that just the ghost on my back! Tam xxx
PS Phew, the pressure was really on to write something great for that wedding, hey Soph! Hope I passed. ;)

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