Friday, March 16, 2012

Zara and Martin's wedding

It was wonderful to finish up such a crazy, busy wedding weekend with Zara and Martin, and their bridal party! It was all laughs, all the time! Loved it! Even if they were all dancing down the main street, calling out and trying to embarrass me!  I loved that the girls had all been best friends through school and were still all their for each other on Zara's big day, and that Martin's mates had his back too...even if that meant hassling the cr*p out of it for most of the day! Here's to a wonderful, happy, adventurous life together.

Flowers: Lynn's Florist   Make up: Sublime   Gown: Bridal Classics, Echuca   Invite Design: Jaynika Gladman

Thanks for the suggestion on this one Kate. It looks very cute.

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