Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Andrea and Jake's Wedding

Good times were definitely on the cards when we headed off on our photo shoot around Cameray Waters with Andrea and Jake and Andrea's 3 sisters! It was so much fun working with such an easy going and relaxed couple...and it helped that we had some magnificent lighting to assist with the photos....I think I may have got a little over excited as the sun glowed so beautifully whilst it went down, and when several kangaroos bounded by as I went to take a shot...well, I may have lost it! Unfortunately they didn't really show up in the pics, but if you squint real hard in a few I'm sure you can make them out! Oh well, we know they were there! Thanks for making my day fun and easy Andrea and Jake. Tam xx PS How'd the DJ go!!

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Basir Seerat said...

an excellent shots , i love the atomospher of all photos with good colors.