Monday, April 13, 2009

Kate and Abe's Wedding

With a massive thunder storm hitting and the power failing as she was getting ready, Kate remained calm and collected for her big day. Another shower arrived as she left in her horse carriage, but the smile still remained intact. Even as the rain pelted down a third time whilst signing the register, Kate and Abe simply dashed for cover and continued inside a marque....clearly nothing was going to ruin this day! Little Zac made the most of the rain by jumping in every puddle he could find in his suit! The rain thankfully held off for our time taking photos, allowing a great time to be had by all...especially as they rode through town waving regally at all from their horse drawn carriages. Thanks for allowing me to capture your day. Tam xx


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps these look great. Can't wait to see the rest :-)
Belinda & Linda(MUM) Saunders

Basir Seerat said...

great work and beautiful cuple.