Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rachel and Trent's Wedding

So the weather may not have been perfect, but that didn't matter one little bit as Rachel and Trent's day was still absolutley perfect. The boys proved their worth by keeping the girls dry with umbrella's when needed...and my camera, thanks going to the fantastic car drivers for that job. I felt like such a crazy photographer at times, working that poor bridal party so quickly so I could get them back to Morrison's for their waiting reception! So sorry if it wasn't too relaxing, but I think we still managed to have some laughs....even if no one got to finish a drink! You were all wonderful though and I really appreciate that. I  have decided to blog a few different shots than what I usually do, to really show those moments that "make" a wedding. Moments that are over so fleetingly but are just so precious if captured. I hope you enjoy. Thanks Rachel and Trent for entrusting me with your big day. Tam xxx

Finishing touches to perfection.

First moment in "the" dress.

First excited waves to the crowd gathered to watch Rach arrive.

The moment Rach entered the church at St. Joseph's Collage.

That first glimpse at the bride....this look on Trent's face is just priceless.

Hugging Dad for the last time as his little girl....

The two Mum's walking each other to the alter to light the candles which will unite the families.

Saying the vows that will forever bind Rach and Trent as husband and wife.

Blessing the couple.

These are often my favs....such joy as the couple greet their family and friends.



Karis said...

Gorgeous photos of a wonderful wedding! Congratulations to Trent and Rachel.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful are these pics?! Great work Tam, they brought a tear to my eye xox