Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harry Potter

Toby was pretty excited about doing his Harry Potter shoot. His only concern was when I told him I would make him a Quiditch broom. He pondered this for a moment, not trusting Mum's making abilities, and then asked," Mum, where does Mr. Maker live? Maybe we could get him to come in his Maker Mobile and make my broom instead!" Oh dear.....he has not faith in his Mum! Once I convinced him that I would have a go first before calling Mr. Maker, he was happy outside collecting sticks while I bundled them together. I felt a received the ultimate children's compliment when he was sitting contentedly on the couch with finished broom in hand, "Mum, I think you might be better than Mr. Maker!" Wow, score one for Mum! In Toby's eyes, that is as big as compliments could get! He loved casting spells willy nilly for this shoot, ppfftting and spitting with each one and he LOVES his poster. It looks all dark and scary Mum. Great job again mate.

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