Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tayla, Maddie, Charlie and Lilly

It was an absolute delight to photograph such gorgeous kids today. With Tayla taking the lead and throwing all her "America's Next Top Model" poses at me it wasn't long before an initially reluctant Maddie joined in. Now, if only Charlie had seen the show! While not as co-operative as his cousins, it is amazing what a chockie bikkie can convince a little boy to do! Little Lilly was simply perfect the whole shoot, but had a bit of trouble staying awake! It was also wonderful catching up with two of my past Art students, and realising how time is flying as they are now Mums. Thanks Nicci for asking me to photograph your beautiful family. Cheers, Tam xxx

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Lynds said...

Beautiful pics Tam, nice work! Can't wait to see all the photo's Nicci!! X