Thursday, September 3, 2009

Simone and Leigh's Wedding

Simone managed to make it down the aisle looking absolutely gorgeous despite nearly having nothing to wear only hours earlier! When going to photograph the dress I couldn't find the bodice and a few very panicky moments followed as it could not be found. A few quick phone calls later though saw the bodice found and all was well.....if not slightly soggy, as it poured just as Simone and her Mum made the short walk from Bridal Suite to Wedding Venue. It was a very happy Leigh who greeted his bride, and his eyes didn't leave her for the rest of the day! I was warned that Leigh didn't like to kiss in public, however as can be seen in the following shots this really didn't prove to be a problem! Almost the opposite in fact...I had to stop him from kissing her at times!!! We really had to battle the elements as the day progressed. The umbrella wasn't just there for show in the paddock, it was pelting down but Simone and Leigh braved the elements to get the photo and even managed to smile! You were such a wonderful couple to work with and I wish you much happiness in your adopted home Simone. I hope all of your friends and family in Germany enjoy the shots of your day. Thanks for allowing me to capture it. Tam xxx

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