Monday, November 16, 2009

Nicci and Mick's Wedding

It was with a few nerves that I headed off to Nicci and Mick's wedding as I was leaving my 5 week old daughter for the first time, but the excitement kicked in as soon as I saw Nicci getting ready for her big day. This was a wedding I was really looking forward to, having taught Nicci when I was a first year teacher and she was in Year 12 and I must admit it did make me a little teary to see her as a bride. Nicci looked amazing, as did Tayla and Maddie the couples little girls and we all had many laughs on the photo shoot, especially when the rubber boots came out to go traipsing through the dry grass. No snakes luckily!! Most of the shots I took either Mick, Nicci or both are bursting with laughter....ten years in the making is a long time so I guess they were both pretty happy! Thanks for asking me to take your wedding photos. I'm so happy for the four of you. Tam xxx