Monday, November 30, 2009

Gabby and Mark's Wedding

What a fantastic day I had working with Gabby and Mark! The tears came early as I took one look at Gabby and welled up...I think past students must do that to me! She was quite simply a stunning bride. The weather began to look dicey as the vows were being taken at Corriander and we weren't sure if we would get much time on the photo shoot, but the storm managed to remain beautifully in the background of all our shots (as it should!) and we only had the strong wind to contend with. Although if you ask Charelle and Katie they probably would have preferred the rain....those dresses were just a little to light! The storm created an amazing backdrop though and I got pretty carried away, hence the number of photos I've posted! Thanks so much to you both for making my job so fun and easy. And remember girls if we don't get it the first time we can "just do that again!" Tam xxx

The super cool perfume spray shot! Thanks Robert Burns for showing me how!

See Charelle....I told you I used a tree!

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Amy Treacy said...

Far out Tamara....they are AWESOME shots! You are fantastic!!
I suppose it helps if you have gorgeous subjects too ;)
x Amy