Monday, July 5, 2010

Carlie and Ross' Wedding

Well, I've just arrived home after a wonderful weekend away in Airlie Beach, celebrating the wedding of two of my favourite people. Carlie and Ross. I may not have known you both a long time but in the time myself and my family have known you, you have made us feel like we have all been friends forever....even if you can't read the signs on my doorbell Ross! Carlie, your warmth and support during difficult times will never be forgotten. You were there for me when I really needed a shopping partner to save my sanity! Laughter and smiles come easily with the two of you and this was so evident on your wedding day. It was a breeze to capture images that really show who you are, as I don't think either of you stopped smiling all day....even when I wanted you to be a little more serious! Impossible! Ross, you showed that you will do anything for Carlie when you went in after her bracelet that was accidentally tossed into the ocean....well almost anything, you weren't getting those boots wet for anyone! Thank you for inviting us to your very special ceremony and for letting me capture it for you in a way that I hope has done it justice. Can't wait until we are neighbours...the kids will never leave! Tam xxx PS How's my grammer? ;)


brianandsarahnorth said...

Just beautiful Tam!! Carlie is a beautiful person and you captured that amazingly!!!! Congratulations Carlie - love from a very happy dance student of yours 4 yrs ago for our wedding!!! Sarah

brianandsarahnorth said...

Wow these are wonderful Tam! Carlie is a beautiful girl and you captured that perfectly!!! Congratulation Carlie - love from a past dance student from when you taught my hens day salsa class and my husband and I to dance for our wedding day!!! xox