Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rochelle and Shaun's Wedding

What a glorious day for a wedding! From the moment I stepped in to Carrington Manor and gazed up at the grand staircase I was swept up in the day entirely. I sighed at the site of Rochelle's gown, gasped at her beauty as she stepped in to it and shed a tear along with everyone else at Michelle's reading. That's one thing I still can't shake! After almost 100 weddings I still cry! Pathetic, I know, but I think the day I stop crying will be the day it's time to stop. Rochelle and Shaun (well mainly Rochelle I guess) had everything planned to the minute but it meant the day went without a hassle or a worry and lots of fun could be had instead. They even managed to emerge on the balcony of Carrington Manor, Prince and Princess style, to surprise and wave to their guests below. Thank you for beautiful day Rochelle and Shaun and enjoy every moment of your time in Europe....I'm not jealous much!
And there didn't appear to be one crooked smile in sight! ;)

Everyone loves a good photo bomber!

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