Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brooke and Kane's Wedding

When Brooke booked it felt like we had so much time to plan and organise what was required for her big day's shoot, but before we had known it 18 months had flown by and here was the day upon us!  What was a very overcast day, turned in to an absolutely stunning day at about 3.50pm, just before Brooke and Kane were to be married....perfect. We had limited time to do our bridal party photo shoot, but the time was very well used with all bridal party on their very best behaviour (well, most of them....there were a few unscheduled toilet breaks, hey boys! lol) to allow us to get the photos we needed. Thanks everyone! :) The light also played the game wonderfully, and was just perfect for the whole time! Yay! Thanks for a lovely afternoon Kane, Brooke and Finlay, and for trusting me to capture your wedding for you.

We found a four leaf clover and dandelion puffs to wish on, how much luck is that!?

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