Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jess and Garth's Wedding

Oh man, I'm feeling the pressure on this blog post, knowing that Jess and her sister are followers of my blog and are waiting for this post with much anticipation!  I tend to waffle away on here, not really thinking that anyone will read my ramblings...but I know these girls do! Should I be profound, witty, insightful? No, I think I'll just be honest. It was a great day yesterday Jess and Garth and I have really enjoyed working on these images. I loved that you made me think of different ways to pose the two of you, and put me out of my comfort zone. I always fall back on the old hand holding, but after watching Jess' inability to get Garth to hold her hand during the ceremony (finally resorting to putting her hand in his pocket) and learning how much Garth is not a hand holder (insert over the top arm swinging images here) I had to think of other ways to capture these two. The ute that Jess and the girls arrived in was amazing and just perfect for the bush setting at Morrison's and lent itself to being a wonderful photo prop! I must also make a special mention of Jess' amazing flowers....they really did try to steal the show! Thanks to you both for putting your faith in me. I hope you had the best day every and enjoy your time in Bali!

Ceremony and Reception: Morrison's Winery   Flowers: Walingford Flowers

I managed to get Garth to hold hands without exaggerated swinging for this one! Yay!

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