Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alice and Nige's Wedding

It was a wonderful day at "Cumnock" for Alice and Nige's wedding....or should I say Nige and Alice as the signs that pointed the way did. I'm sure it doesn't matter who goes first! Alice and Nige you were such a wonderfully relaxed couple....I was probably more stressed out than you two when we traipsed through the bush dodging massive Orb Spiders! Luckily we had Davo to cut a path for us Indiana Jones style!  Alice you were a dream to shoot. There is a definite air of Grace Kelly about you...just divine. Thanks to you both for a wonderful day and I  hope you enjoyed your Macca's.....first meal as husband and wife! :)
PS Jess, this is me not mentioning that thing I said I wouldn't mention on my blog! ;) What a skill!!

A microwave can always come in handy!


Sue said...

Whay beautiful photos - can't wait to see the rest!!

Davo said...

Love your work Tam, awesome photos. Nige you look so happy and Alice you look amazing! The best man looks like a clown :) Emma did you fart?